GitLab Runner

Pre-requirement I installed Docker because I wanted to use Docker executor for better isolation of environments. Install GitLab Runner on the server Follow the official manual. On Ubuntu From repo (recommended) curl -L | sudo bash export GITLAB_RUNNER_DISABLE_SKEL=true; sudo -E apt install gitlab-runner Check. $ sudo gitlab-runner status Runtime platform arch=amd64 os=linux pid=3163 revision=2ebc4dc4 version=13.9.0 gitlab-runner: Service is running! $ sudo gitlab-runner list Runtime platform arch=amd64 os=linux pid=3172 revision=2ebc4dc4 version=13.

CI/CD and GitLab implementations

Definitions of CI/CD (rough) CI (Continuous Integration): Building and testing codes are automated. CD Continuous Delivery: One-click deploy enabled. Continuous Deployment: Auto deploy enabled. Facts about GitLab implementation GitLab Runner is an environment in which the CI/CD scripts run. We write the procedures in the file .gitlab-ci.yml normally. You need a GitLab Runner first. Install and configure a Runner Please refer my GitLab Runner install post :) How to write .