Yew Tutorial (v0.19) - part 2

I continued learning Yew after [this post]({{< ref “rust/” >}}). Important warning As of Feb. 12 2022, I’ve followed/referred the “Next” version of the Yew documentation (not only v0.19) because there are lots of changes. And I found this statement: You are currently reading about function components - the recommended way to write components when starting with Yew. But we have to note that there is a more advanced, but less recommended way to write them - Struct components

Yew Tutorial (v0.19) - part 1

Before Yew tutorial I want to try with wasm-pack, but after several tries, I realized that it was a bad try. And most parts of the official document uses Trunk, so I was back to Trunk. Please refer to my post about Trunk. Versions Cargo: 1.65 Yew: 0.19 Set up Rust environment for Yew rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown cargo install trunk My summary on Yew tutorial page I followed the official “Video page” tutorial.