Cache (HTTP)

What is the Cache Cache is temporarily stored data. This is a general concept, and I think this is why many developers struggle with it a lot. Because Cache is temporary data, we should think where and how long to store the data. Where are the data stored There are several locations where we can save cache data. The most common place is the browser in a client. Not only client sides but also server sides (origin servers) can hold a cache.

Network tools in Rust

Motivation Learning Rust, I want to use Rust code as much as possible every day. I use Python in my daily work, and most of the scripts are for WEB (HTTP) or TCP communications. (This is another topic, but I’m a little sad most young people understand a software engineer as a web developer.) Therefore, I tried to using Rust web library. HTTP request client as of Mar. 2020 There are a lot of libraries, http, reqwest, and hyper…