Rust Serverless (2021)

CAUTION (2022) The first virsion of this post was created in Apri 2021, but as of 2022, AWS officially released their SDK. This post (note) should be updated. Still there is no native run environment for Rust on AWS Lambda as of Jan.18.2022, so we still need to create a bootstrap executable. Getting started I followed the link. In this page, the author wrote details and it’s very educational. To remind the procedure, I left memo.

Serverless framework - Getting Started with Python

I tried Serverless framework with Python+AWS Lambda. Prerequirement Node.js and npm: $ node -v v10.19.0 $ npm -v 7.5.2 Install I created my serverless account with Google SSO: sudo npm install -g serverless Hello world Create a project: $ serverless Serverless: No project detected. Do you want to create a new one? Yes Serverless: What do you want to make? AWS Python Serverless: What do you want to call this project?