Table Of Contents (TOC) in Hugo

Enabling TOC Here is the official document about TOC. When you want to enabling TOC feature in Hugo, add the following line in config.toml. Then, TOC will enabled at all posts. [Params] ... toc = true ... Configure TOC Here is the official document about TOC configurations. I don’t need to configure it detail enough, added the disription in config.toml. [markup] [markup.tableOfContents] startLevel = 2 endLevel = 4 ordered = false startLevel = 1: List to the TOC from #.

Mermaid - Intro how to use

What is Mermaid? Mermaid is a sequence diagram generator written in JavaScript. https://github.com/mermaid-js/mermaid Not only sequence diagrams, but Mermaid can also generate simple graphs. Sequence diagram Here is the simple snippet for beginners (slightly changed from official sample). Mainroad syntax: sequenceDiagram participant Alice participant Bob Alice->>Bob: Hello John, how are you? Bob-->>Alice: Great! sequenceDiagram: I want to draw sequenceDiagram participant Alice: There is a member of our protocol whose name is Alice.