AWS Network for dummy (me)

Reference I found the good slide which contains good figures to understand AWS network. Physical location From the slide 10/58. Region consists of multi AZs (Availability Zone) An AZ consists of AZ-a, AZ-b, AZ-c, etc. AZx (x=a,b,c) consists of data centers The latency within the Region is ~2ms. Logical network VPC: A private network like across AZs (AZa, AZb, AZc). VPC subnet: Each AZx is assiend a subnet, like 172.

Docker network

Check your network When you deploy your docker container with port mapping, the network is automatically generated and the container assigned its own network. atlex@ ~ % docker network ls NETWORK ID NAME DRIVER SCOPEea37d3b97d11 bridge bridge local01573b79ea81 host host local85b9bca4df78 none null local0abac39fbea3 dockerfiletest bridge local`Details atlex@ ~ % docker network inspect dockerfiletest[ { "Name": "dockerfiletest_default", "Id": "0abac39fbea3f9fd55c1bf9ce1288b5623b3905c3ebd2ff9e60393bab8357a24", "Created": "2020-04-15T15:52:24.875480173Z", "Scope": "local", "Driver": "bridge", "EnableIPv6": false, "IPAM": { "Driver": "default", "Options": null, "Config": [ { "Subnet": "172.